Ignite Your Magnificence

Some would say, the best way to relax is in your home, meditating, surrounded by burning candles.


Jean Bromage, founder of Reiki Essence Candles, has created a way to bring the universal love energy, known as Reiki, into her natural, handmade Chakra Healing candles to reflect that inner magnificence that we all contain.

Jean found her love for candle making and the practice of Reiki at around the same time. As a dancer most of her life, Jean found the inner peace and stillness that Reiki creates to be a  great counterbalance to her very active lifestyle while finding candles to be a wonderful tool for meditation. She started out making homemade candles to give as gifts to family and friends, but through time, Jean realized that candle making, meditation and Reiki all have a commonality in helping us to keep a fully present mind.

Although she founded her candle company in 2006, Jean has since involved her work after becoming a certified Reiki Master Teacher, and thus established Chakra Healing candles in 2016.

Jean's healing candles are special in that the high vibration of Reiki energy is infused into the candles through mantras and symbols, as well as hands, eyes and breath as they are blended and poured. As the candles burn, this energy can then be experienced through all five of your senses as you allow your mind to let go and become fully present.


As a Chakra Healing candle melts, the high frequency of light contained within it becomes both a visual and energetic support for you to anchor the benefits of your spiritual practice into your daily life, reminding you of the great light that resides within. These candles are great for individual or group use and can be used for spiritual healing as well as meditation and relaxation.

The Chakra Healing candles are not solely special for their Reiki energy spiritual healing properties but also for the natural ingredients they are made from. Each healing candle is hand made and comes in two types: Chakra Votive candles and Chakra Jar candles. The votive candles have a burn time between 18 and 20 hours, while the jar candles have a 75-hour burn life. The candles are made from soy wax extracted from non GMO soybeans grown in the USA, all natural essential oils, non-toxic and eco-friendly dye as well as a cotton wick. Jar candles also contain Shea butter and organic fair trade coconut oil.

Illuminate and ignite the spark which reflects your inner magnificence by trying a Chakra Healing candle.

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— By: Caterina Morris