Healthy, Happy, Vegan Life with Two Incredible Chefs

We are what we eat. This term may not be taken literally, but the meaning behind it is what you put into your body, has lasting consequences to your overall health, present and future. Eating the most healthy and natural of foods is so important to sustain and maintain our health. These two chefs have made healthy cooking and eating their passions.


Bella Sarrapochiello, founder of Bella Naturall, is a vegan plant-based chef who contributes her love for cooking to her childhood where she grew up around her mother and grandmother cooking many traditional family dishes.

Bella, at one time, enjoyed making these traditional Italian and Argentinian meals, until she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and found that modern medicine combined with a traditional animal-based diet were not aiding in her treatment. After much thought and research Bella decided to try a plant only diet and from that time, she never went back.

She found that she had not felt healthier in her life after making this change, and sparing animals from cruelty also motivated her to continue eating and cooking vegan dishes.

As a vegan, Bella can bake and saute with the best of vegan ingredients, and she is passionate about showing the world that food can be just as delicious and nutritious when it is free of animal protein and ingredients. It is her mission to share with the rest of society that “real food has real power.”

Bella Naturall’s services include private chef, meal planning, event catering and children’s parties.

You can read more about her business by visiting the link here


Vegan dessert chef of Culiraw, Katerina Justnova, has also made vegan food and cooking her passions, and she loves sharing them with the public.


Her journey began when she became a vegetarian at the age of 12. Through years of experimenting, education and trying new dishes, she became vegan. And like Bella, Katerina decided to become a vegan for her own health benefit as well as to keep animals safe.

Katerina became interested in raw desserts through a class she took once, and she instantly fell in love with the idea. As a child, Katerina loved to eat desserts, but knowing that regular desserts are naturally unhealthy, she found raw desserts to be a great alternative. Katerina makes raw vegan versions of traditional desserts, and only natural ingredients are used.

Most of her desserts consist of cashews, walnuts, dates, cacao and coconut oil. Spices like vanilla, cinnamon and fresh fruit are used to add flavor. Of course, these desserts are gluten and dairy free, so perfect for those with intolerances and sensitivities.


You can find Katerina’s desserts at several different locations around Long Island, and learn more here


Both chef’s will be serving free samples of their favorite dishes at this year’s Breathe event on December 2nd! Learn more and register for the event below