Are you interested in gaining a deeper understanding of yourself?

Breakin Boundaries owner and founder Renee Manzolillo offers 1:1 wellness, business, and lifestyle coaching. Through an emphasis on love, care, self-worth and actualization, she helps others to find what their calling here on Earth is.

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About Renee

Also known as "The Limitless Life Choreographer”, Renee is a Certified Movement & Behavior Analyst, Reiki Master, Dance-Fitness Instructor and Educator, as well as a Nutritional Cleansing Coach, and Business Growth Expansion Specialist.

She founded and began the Breakin Boundaries journey over 15 years ago but has been dancing her entire life! She hopes to inspire, empower, motivate, and guide others into fulfilling their dreams through her multifaceted disciplines, beliefs and core values through her 1:1 Boundless Badass mentorship.

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