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BreakinDown - TUESDAYS AT 7:15pm
A total body conditioning workout focused on "breakin" you down and building you up! This team oriented class will not only help you burn a boat load of calories but it work on building strength, endurance, speed and agility! Every class emphasizes proper form and will incorporate the 7 basic functional elements necessary for a killer workout. BreakinDown will not only challenge you physically but mentally. Are you ready to get sweaty?

The Kid is BACK!

Sunday, November 9th
Cardio Jam at 10:15am
Hip Hop at 11:15am

Breakin Boundaries: "A link to a new beginning, the missing piece to the puzzle we call life."

Breakin Boundaries' plan is to enrich the lives of everyone through performing and creative arts as well as therapeutic and wellness services. With prime location, Breakin Boundaries is open to thrive within its community of Williamsburg and Greenpoint due to its overwhelming desire of artists/therapist who crave this location of residence. These artists/therapists came to this area to create and perform as well be a part of something bigger. Breakin Boundaries will provide services and space for artists and therapeutic practices to come to life.

We offer a facility with an array of classes, events, workshops, reherasals, and therapeutic disciplines. The space is available for rent for all artists, dancers, and practitioners to create, perform, and provide therapies to build on an already existing and thriving artistic community. 

Breakin Boundaries offers classes in a wide range of artistic forms including dance, fitness and more. All classes are available to anyone regardless of ability, from children to adults. 

All are welcome to join us!

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