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Caridad Blondett

Caridad Blondett

Self-care encompasses many things and everyone should take the time to practice this as we tend to become consumed in other people, things and situations. Practicing self-care includes treating our minds, bodies and souls with the utmost love, health and kindness. Caridad Blondett understands this concept very well and through the power of her products and business, she is sharing the importance of this message with other women.

Caridad (Cari) is the founder of Glow Confidently which is all about uplifting and empowering women.  Cari’s message to women is that they can be and have the power to be phenomenal but, they must learn to put themselves first, something she says took her 40 years to realize. Cari teaches women self care, which is an important Ritual for you mind, body and soul. She believes that you are the most important person in your journey and when you put yourself first in life, you also teach people in your life to also love you unconditionally and that you no longer allow people to treat you any less than you deserve. As a result, you Glow Confidently.


Cari’s products include handmade soaps, scrubs, oils and rose-quartz infused rose water. She only makes her products when she is cleansed of all negative thoughts and vibrating at her highest frequency. All products are inspired by Spirit,  so they all have a specific purpose. Every single item in Cari’s shop is prayed for and charged on her personal altar, before being packed and sent to its new home. Each Goddess ritual is personalized, and her intentions are set specifically on the woman who will be receiving it. On each ritual, Cari prays that the scrub removes any obstacles that may be weighing a woman down and that the bath can uplift and empower her in every way. Cari prays that the receiving woman may remain calm in her most difficult times and that her crown, charged with a veil of clarity, peace and patience may offer her all the protection she deserves as the Goddess we all carry within us.

Every Ritual is made with instructions on how to use it and how to speak your magic into it and manifest all that your heart desires.  Lastly every Ritual comes with a Goddess Message for you. She asks all of her customers to research this Goddess and figure out what she is trying to teach her at this present moment in her life. If you take some time with Cari’s products and speak your intentions clearly, they become that much more powerful.

Glow Confidently was a featured vendor at Breathe in December where she connected with community members and shared her message and Spirit inspired products with all attendees. Cari will be releasing a NEW product that has uniquely been prayed over to help any woman that uses it. Cari felt aligned to share this new item specifically for this EXCLUSIVE Sacred Soul Experience for VIP members on Sunday, March 10th. All those in attendance will be able to experience this new secret firsthand before she releases it for sale on her website to the public.

To learn more about Cari, her process and products, please visit her Instagram and her website, Glow Confidently.

Caroline D'alto Mellone

Caroline D'alto Mellone

Another entrepreneur has found a way for her customers to relax and get their inner GLOW on with her handmade, vegan candles. Caroline D'alto Mellone, creator of CupOGlo, is a 34 year old Williamsburg native, born and raised. Like, before it was cool, she likes to say. She is also the mother of a handsome, free spirited little boy, and a wife to a hardworking, supportive and kind Sicilian gentleman, which she believes her Nonno would be so proud of!

Caroline is a multifaceted artist and has always enjoyed creative expression. —Just ask my mom about those crayon murals! She affirms proudly. CupOGlo is one of her latest soul expressions. She not only had her customers in mind while designing this product, but the health and fate of our environment.

CupOGlo was created as a fun way to reduce the amount of trash in landfills by upcycling glassware that would have otherwise been discarded. Her candles are hand poured using 100% soy wax and 100% organic scent oil, and placed in adorable mugs made from reclaimed glassware. Caroline believes that we all can contribute as a collective to protect our precious planet Earth, one beautiful glowing candle at a time.


Caroline has an all NEW CupOGlo product line which will be REVEALED to all Breakin Boundaries VIP members who attend this EXCLUSIVE Sacred Soul Experience on March 10th. To learn more about how you can attend this INVITATION ONLY EXCLUSIVE contact us at for more information.

To learn more about products, pricing and place orders, please visit CupOGlo on Etsy.

Special announcement! Breakin Boundaries members will have the opportunity to experience the release of these products on Sunday, March 10th during our SACRED SOUL EXPERIENCE VIP event!