Meet two of our In-House Practitioners - Mariah and Lubaina

Mariah Baretta

Mariah has been a gymnastics coach, dance teacher, yoga instructor, energy healer, spiritual mentor, and much more.

Throughout her life, she learned that we are not “what we do”, nor “who we know”, but in fact are all one with spirit. We connect through our hearts and minds, and every moment we’re offered the opportunity to create and to recreate ourselves if we would simply let ourselves be known to ourselves. 

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Mariah has made it her mission to step fully into her unlimited potential as a human being connected to the light of life and heal her own heart, mind, and spirit so she can then help others find their authentic path into their own hearts wisdom void of external nagging, external expectations, to allow the river of life to flow through them unencumbered by the relentless blocks from the past.  This requires a deep and profound exploration of self through any avenue necessary.  


Mariah has developed the tools and techniques throughout her life to guide others on their journey. Her exploration of life was her healing journey and it is far from complete.  Her life, her mission, her future resides in the hands of every other life that expands out into time and space. 

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Lubaina Choudhury

Lubaina’s journey to the path of self-healing began when she was eight years old and read her first astrology book. 

Lubaina says, “As a teenager I was devouring books on past lives, psychic phenomenon, quantum reality and so forth. All my life I have been very taken with what might be termed as spirituality, and my search for healing has led me to different teachers and modalities, some that have in quite a literal sense, saved my life.”


She says she had come to understand that all of her seeking and searching for a way had come from a deep desire to find herself. That every time she felt like life could possibly not get any worse, help has magically appeared for her to move her in the right direction, to guide her onwards towards peace, happiness and joy. 


She says her experiences have been so timely and necessary, that they have made her feel a sense of connection with a deeper reality. She says, “We all have this connection, this ability to draw towards ourselves exactly what we need and to create the life we desire. The purpose of the work I intend to share with you, is to assist you in the process of remembering that connection, and to give you tools that you can work with in a very concrete way to create the changes that you want for yourself.”  

Lubaina uses movement, meditation, sound, breathwork and astrology as the main modalities to help others create transformation through alignment with their own being.

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