Passion from the Soul


As an entrepreneur, Renee Manzolillo strives to inspire others, and as a self starter and creator of all, she claims her legacies to be gifts transmitted down, left to those generation after generation.

Renee is a woman of empowerment and a philosopher of self experience and expression which in return translates or inspires others to be.

Renee Manzolillo is a Boundless Badass, and of course, the owner and founder of our studio! She is also a Certified Movement & Behavior Analyst, from the Laban Institute for movement theory and studies. Renee has over 16  years experience as an ABA therapist in the world of Autism, Renee is also a Master Reiki Practitioner, Embodiment Healer, known as “The Limitless Life Choreographer” She is a Dance-Fitness instructor-educator, and the Co-creator of intrinsic desires, guiding sacred souls through healing journeys and a Business Growth Expansion Specialist; (aka) The Boundless Badass BIZ creator.

Among her many roles, titles and accomplishments, Renee’s biggest joys in her life is her family. She is a mother to three boys, and a wife to her best friend and husband of almost 22 years. She attributes motherhood as being one of her hardest jobs yet, but nevertheless, one that she would never give up on. For Renee, it’s all about finding balance between raising her children, maintaining a healthy relationship with her husband, taking time for self care, friends, running Breakin Boundaries as well as her 1:1 Boundless Badass BIZ clients, which she says is not easy but wouldn’t have any other way.


Most importantly, Renee curates consciously designed events, both large and small, which bring together educational-spiritual  support to individuals in business and those community members wanting resources which will guide them down the path of least resistance.

A recent event Renee coordinated was her annual Breathe event this past December, a pop-up community market and wellness experience, bringing together members of the area while showcasing and supporting local entrepreneurs and businesses serving to better physical, mental and spiritual health.


Renee has once again felt aligned to sponsor a VIP exclusive sacred soul event at her studio in Brooklyn on Sunday, March 10th. She is working with high vibration creators for this sacred EXCLUSIVE event to bring her VIP clients the most soul enriching products and healing modalities, to promote high vibrations, spiritual enlightenment and clarity.

Among many higher vibration healers Renee is working with, she is bringing in Bella Sarrapochiello , vegan plant-based chef and healer through food, to implement the tasting menu to complement this sacred, EXCLUSIVE VIP event.  


Bella, founder of Bella Naturall, was a sponsor of the Breathe event in December where she served some of her most delicious vegan dishes for all in attendance to try. She attributes her love for cooking to her childhood where she grew up around family cooking many traditional meals. After being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Bella changed her diet to plant only after much research and finding that modern medicine mixed with an animal-based diet were not aiding her in her struggle with her condition. Since then, she has never felt healthier and has been sharing her healthy cooking with the world.

Bella Naturall’s services include private chef, meal planning, event catering and children’s parties. You can read more about her business by visiting the link here, Bella Naturall. And VIP members, remember that you can taste Bella’s food if attending the sacred soul VIP EXCLUSIVE event on March 10th.

Breakin’ Boundaries members will have the opportunity to experience Bella Naturall cuisine plus many other complimentary goodies in March during a very SACRED SOUL EXCLUSIVE VIP event! Learn more and register for the event below.