Inspirational Healing - Hillis, Shama, and Ava

It would seem that before we achieve our greatest versions of ourselves, we must reflect and meditate on who it is we truly are and want to be and what it is that holds us back from being the best version and achieving our deepest desires and biggest goals. Fortunately for us spiritual beings, inspiration and passion are deep within us, we just have to find and channel them. As the poet Rumi wrote, “The inspiration you seek is already within you. Be silent, and listen.”


Hillis Pugh at our yearly wellness event  Breathe

Hillis Pugh at our yearly wellness event Breathe

Hillis Pugh, is a visionary individual and an authentic soul who spent the time to examine himself from within through introspection, truthfulness and the willingness to change. Hillis, an inspiring poet, writer, author, entrepreneur, intuitive consultant and philanthropist, uses his gifts to propel his readers on how to build self-confidence and explore their own journey of finding gratitude in everyday matters. Hillis describes his journey as one of “enlightenment, resolution and inevitability” and one that was necessary to take in order to be able to help and inspire others. Hillis found that his ability to be a change-agent and live out his truths have been an inspiration for his writing.

He is the author of Awaken with Gratitude, a blog and book of channeled personal inspirational stories and original poetry. The work of his creative soul and a channel for his messages of love, Hillis’ publication engages questions and provides answers on how readers can open up their minds to experience the gift of gratitude in each waking moment of their lives. Hillis strongly believes that gratitude allows the flow of love and abundance into a person’s life when recognized.

Studying and researching other spiritual thought leaders for over 10 years, Hillis has become recognized as a “poetic voice of self-reflection, spirituality, thankfulness, sensuality, mindfulness, and transformation.” Hillis demonstrates giving gratitude to life-in-action. Through sharing his experiences and journey with his readers, Hillis hopes to continue to aid others in seeking light and accepting the joy in which they were born into.

Hillis, a high vibrational inspiring creator, found himself spiritually aligned to sponsor the VIP Exclusive SACRED SOUL Experience on Sunday, March 10th and to share his work of art and continue to be a source of inspiration. VIP clients in attendance will have the honor of receiving an autographed copy of Hillis’ Awaken with Gratitude.  

To learn more about Hillis Pugh and Awaken with Gratitude, please click the link here to his website.


Shama Dhanani at our yearly event  Breathe

Shama Dhanani at our yearly event Breathe

Shama Dhanani is another spiritual practitioner and thought change agent who inspires and helps others by aiding them in searching deep within to bring about clarity, higher energy and positive thoughts resulting in more successful, mindful lives.

Shama, a finance retiree serving 19 years in the corporate financial world, now channels her energy as a hypnosis soul couch, meditation teacher and success shaman. She merged her skills from the corporate world with ancient and modern practices, including hypnotherapy, coaching, spiritual teachings, shamanic practices, and home/office clearings, to create practical and personal fulfillment.

Shama believes that 95% of your actions come from your subconscious thoughts and beliefs and that changing those thoughts and beliefs is what brings people to success. She works with clients to redirect these beliefs and thoughts. Shama guides her clients to uncover what lies behind the blind spots and helps them to "unlearn" limiting thoughts or beliefs that only serve to hold an individual back from their greatest and truest self. Shama clears old energies in private sessions, workshops, group programs and wellness retreats.  She also offers Shamanic and Energy Clearing tools for her clients to apply on their own, including sage kits, smudging feather fans and wands.

Shama Dhanani

Shama Dhanani

Shama has felt aligned to share her special spiritual tools and healing methods with all the VIP guests in attendance at the Exclusive SACRED SOUL Experience hosted at our studio on Sunday, March 10th. Attendees will receive a download of Shama’s hypnosis recording for use at anytime, business cards, brochures and mini energy clearing kits with essential oils, all included in the swag bags worth over $400 of merchandise! All given as gifts to VIP members who attend this event.

To learn more about Shama and her services, please visit her website here.


Ava Quinn

Ava Quinn

Included in the VIP guest swag bag will be all natural, handmade soaps made by this kickass mama Ava Quinn. Ava Quinn’s soaps and shampoos are made with all natural, 100% organic ingredients. Ava Quinn believes that all products should be natural and chemical free while still remaining fun.

Ava Quinn’s is based in NY. They source local products as much as possible from local gardeners and community gardens alike. All soaps are completely vegetable-based with no animal fats added. The recipes consists of saponified olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil and shea butter.


All soaps are handmade in small batches using the cold process method. The felted soap line is where Ava says that she gets to display a lot of her creativity. In a long 1-3 hour process, each felted soap is wet felted, then needle felted by hand individually.

Do you want to become an inspirational change agent, experience energy clearing and healing products and other natural, handmade and organic merchandise? If so, claim your seat at the Exclusive VIP Member Sacred Soul Experience on Sunday, March 10th. Spots are limited, so book your spot now! You do not want to miss it!