What makes Dance, Fitness and Therapeutic Wellness sustainable?

Sustainable living describes a lifestyle.

Imperishable living is fundamentally the application of sustainability to lifestyle choice and decisions. Our efforts towards environmental sustainability and wellness is rooted in our purpose to help people live well.

Personal health is connected to environmental health. That's why I believe in  supporting personal wellness through dance, fitness and therapeutic practices - while preserving a healthy environment for our community.

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The health and wellness of people is a vital part to the sustainability of our community. Air and water quality, access to healthy foods, management of environmental toxins, and support for personal success are at the core of holistic practices and continuous  efforts.

Sustainable living is broken up into four categories economics, ecology, politics and culture. It can be described as living within the innate carrying capacities defined by these factors, or circles of sustainability conception. Viable living can be described as negotiating the relationships of needs within limits across all the interconnected domains of social life, including consequences for future human generations.

Circles of sustainability also references social life using the same four domains listed above to analyze one's resilience, adaptation, security and reconciliation. Some examples of cultural and social green living include identity, engagement, creativity, recreation, beliefs, ideas, gender, generations, enquiry, learning, wellbeing and health.

Empowered human development and internal dna design are crucial for renewable living and in doing so one can begin to utilize their God given tools, gifts and talents internally and externally to create a green sustainable life.


— Renee Manzolillo

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