Why we love our community

Every year, Breakin Boundaries sponsors Go Green, an annual celebration of the Greenpoint community in Brooklyn. From local vendors to artists to free dance and fitness classes, Go Green gives those of us living in the neighborhood a reason to come out and meet, mingle and connect with one another. We love spreading our mission of health and wellness to this community we love so dear because it is as much a part of us as we are a part it. 

We'll now be going on our eighth year in the Williamsburg/Greenpoint community and you've shown us your loyalty and dedication at each and every turn. It's the reason we love to do what we do. We're excited for this next chapter in our story but wherever the journey takes us, we promise to always be the squad you can depend on for ass-kicking workouts, unconditional moral support and most importantly, a raucous sweat-dripping, soul-shaking good time.