Every Sunday we dedicate one hour to wind down and reflect inwards with a Meditation class hosted by Kelsey Tetzlaff.

Join us at 1:30pm for Manifestation Meditation. This class weaves together various self-transformation rituals such as meditation and movement medicine to help you manifest your goals and wants

Each week begins with an energy clearing and sound bath. The majority of the class is spent in a guided meditation, which will pertain to a specific monthly theme that aims to assist you wherever you are on your life journey. The class ends with movement medicine (free-form dance with intention) to integrate the meditation experience into the body.

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Each month, we host various holistic-themed workshops with our owner and founder Renee Manzolillo, and other diverse practitioners of unique healing modalities. These workshops are meant to support our community in their whole body experience with emphasis on connectivity, while integrating the mind, body, and spirit. As we journey we up-level our emotional and psychological well-being, and invite change into our life as a catalyst for transformation.

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