Each month, we host Sacred Meditative Healing Circles with our owner and founder Renee Manzolillo, and other diverse practitioners of unique healing modalities. These workshops are meant to support our community in their whole body experience with emphasis on connectivity, while integrating the mind, body, and spirit. As we journey we up-level our emotional and psychological well-being. As well as, invite change into our life as a catalyst for transformation.

Tap into a higher vibration within your own being as you experience meditative practice and journey with us!

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Sunday, February 10th. 1:30pm

In this workshop we'll be covering the fundamentals of Tarot and how to intuitively channel the artwork and progression of the cards in a simple and flowy way.

The fundamentals of Tarot include:
The Minor & Major Arcanas
Working and interpreting the archetypes spreads such as: Classic, Quick and Personalized
Deciphering the esoteric journey the spread is actually wanting to reveal

The benefits that this workshop will bring you includes: Gaining insight into the choices you're making. Avoiding pitfalls and embracing your highest goals. Regaining personal power over your life. Tuning into an ancestral language while reconnecting to your innate magical being!


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