SupHERBals: Healing the body, soul and mind

There are many ailments which afflict the human body, soul and mind. And sometimes, people search for and try everything to help alleviate their pain and symptoms without satisfaction or relief. When mainstream medicine and pharmaceuticals fail us, many are discouraged and do not know where to turn. Fortunately, CBD oil, short for cannabidiol, has been legalized in several states across America to treat afflictions ranging from depression, chronic pain, arthritis, seizures, insomnia and is said to even help in the fight against some forms of cancer and aid in the relief of effects cancer treatments may have. (Research on CBD oil effect on cancerous cells is currently underway and a source of much interest among scientists and the medical community.) Some physicians and healthcare providers even recommend and prescribe the oil for specific patients to help combat certain disorders.

Cannabidiol is a cannabis compound found naturally in the marijuana plant, otherwise known on the street to be smoked as weed or “pot” but in this form, it does not make the consumer feel stoned or high. CBD oil is used strictly for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. Greg Prasker, president and co-founder of SupHERBals, understands the benefits that CBD oil has on the human mind, body and soul, so he decided to share this fascinating discovery found in nature with the world to help change lives.

Greg Prasker

Greg Prasker

According to its Facebook page, SupHERBals was founded on a dream of changing the world. The business was inspired by seeing many inspirational videos and posts about the positive effects of CBD oil on a plethora of issues. After putting in extensive research and time to test several CBD oils from various companies, an amazing oil was found worthy to place the company label on and sell for a more affordable price compared to many oils on the market.

SupHERBals describe their oil as “superior, premium, sacred and extremely bioavailable.” SupHERBals’ CBD oils are artisan produced and bottled in small batches. Every bottle of oil is created with the utmost care and highest of standards. The company’s oil contains a full spectrum oil using all the cannabinoids, making it a more complete product, as the more cannabinoids present have more effective results.

SupHERBals CBD oil also uses sunflower lecithin, which allows the CBD and MCT Oils to be  more efficiently bound and encapsulated creating a protective barrier.  This allows the molecules to pass through the digestive tract virtually untouched by digestive enzymes and stomach acids which would normally  break down the molecule. This system allows for a much greater amount of  CBD to be delivered to wherever it is going to be used. In other words, the CBD oil used from SupHERBals has a more prolonged effect and is spread throughout the body efficiently instead of just passing through, inefficiently absorbed.

The most unique aspect of SupHERBals CBD oil is that before the oil is bottled, each batch is energetically cleared using palo santo and sage. Then it  is vibrationally attuned using a 528 hz tuning fork and other shamanic tools. Finally the oil is blessed with reiki healing energy. This makes the oil sacred and helps to clear and soothe the consumer’s soul and help shift energy.


Their website states that the sacred CBD oil will nourish your body and help bring you to homeostasis. The oil can be used in conjunction with symptoms related to arthritis, chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression, insomnia, digestive disorders and many more ailments and difficulties. SupHERBals offers a variety of products from tinctures, salves, pet products and more. For more information, product detail and pricing, please visit and the company Facebook page here.

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